Schweppes Gatorade™

E-Blast created specially for Schweppes Gatorade™ promoting a special GymLink offer.


Techno Gym VARIO™

Custom designed E-Blast for Technogym Australia showcasing the VARIO™ cardio machine.


Australian Fitness & Health Expo

The Australian Fitness & Health Expo promotional E-Blast featuring the chance to win a LeMond RevMaster Pro.


Star Trac ™

Trade only offer of the Star Trac™ NXT Spinner



E-Blast promoting MYZONE™ heart rate and calorie based monitoring systems for the Australian fitness & health expo.

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Unlike our monthly email newsletters, an email blast is solo email advertising. Think of a bunch of leaflets or flyers landing in your post box. The majority of people will not entertain the content and bin it.

A single or 'solo' leaflet however, is more likely to receive attention from a reader.

Solo email marketing is more engaging and delivered with a powerful message is sure to get results.

Targeting your email message to a specific group or groups will ensure your message is aimed at those more likely to enquire or enroll with you or purchase from you.

For example, a campaign you have may want to target Gyms and Personal Trainers nationwide. You can be more specific! Categories are listed below and can split into states. For example, you are running a course or seminar in NSW and were looking for delegates to attend.

  • B-2-B lists (Australia wide)
  • Mixes Gyms (includes 24 hour gyms)
  • Women's Only Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Outdoor Fitness Providers
  • Bootcamp Providers
  • Zumba Class Instructors
  • Weight Loss Centres
  • Yoga Studios
  • Pilates Studios
  • Martial Arts Schools and Venues


Around 10,000 fitness businesses are registered from the above categories. including B-2-C lists (Australia) as well as health and fitness conscious consumers

Our email lists are 'opt-in'. What few people realise however, is that the average HTML email is far more complicated to deliver successfully than a standard web page. With massive increases in global email spam, keeping deliverability rates high is an art-form. Added to this is the fact that the average email can be opened in a vast amount of differing email clients ranging from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail and web based providers such as Yahoo.

Each Email clients has its own particular interpretation of the HTML email style. The strategy behind successful campaigns is now at such a sophisticated level that professional advice is a must to ensure a strong return on email investment.

Contact Gymlink or call 1300 38 38 77 to find out how you can utilise this amazing facility!