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Digital Fitness Suppliers Directory & Buyers Guide

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Print - Fitness Suppliers Directory & Buyers Guide

With new products and technology advancements driving change within the fitness industry, the Fitness Suppliers Directory & Buyer's Guide connects fitness suppliers with fitness buyers.


Why a print directory?

Up until now, fitness suppliers have had to advertise in organisation-based publications or use mainstream consumer orientated mediums to connect with their target audience.

The printed Print Directory & Buyers Guide is a unique and highly targeted annual publication providing its readers (fitness business owners and managers as well as key fitness product decision makers) with a complete and comprehensive hard copy directory of fitness supplier products and services avaialble in the marketplace. Designed to be a resource that will be used repeatedly throughout the year, this is one publication you cannot afford 'not' to be in.


What's in the printed Print Directory & Buyers Guide?

Supplier Categories - Mirroring the online supplier directory, there are 15 'main' categories and we have introduced over 100 'sub-categories' making it easier for you to be found exactly where you should be.

Buyers Guide Features - A popular 'supplier' & 'trade' request from previous editions, a Buyers Guide Feature provides a detailed description of indiviual products or services with the option of a list price or price range. The end result gives the reader an invaluable product resource catalogue with more detail relative to their needs and cost parameters. Truly a solution driven resource for decision makers - see example.

Foldable TAB pages - Strictly limited to 1 per 'main' category, this premium advertsing position is THE reference point for the start of each category and is a guaranteed eye catcher - see example.

Distribution audited by CAB.
Advertising rates start from $199 +GST.
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